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We're upgrading our technology to serve you better.

Beginning Friday, March 6, at 6 p.m. through Monday, March 9, at 8 a.m., some banking services, including online and mobile banking, will be limited or unavailable. Following the update, customers who use Quicken or QuickBooks will need to follow the instructions below to modify your settings to ensure the smooth transition of your data.

Quicken and QuickBooks use different connection methods for bank customers to populate transactions into their specific applications. The method used depends on the services supported by your Intuit product and the preferences set up within your Intuit® product.


There are two ways Quicken and QuickBooks interact with Security National Bank:

Express Web Connect (Quicken Connect in Quicken for Mac)

Express Web Connect (EWC)/Quicken Connect and Direct Connect methods communicate directly with Security National Bank on your behalf. You don't have to sign into Security National Bank’s website and manually download transactions – Quicken/QuickBooks will do this for you.

Web Connect (WC)

Web Connect (WC) allows the user to download transactions directly from Security National Bank's website and then import the transactions into Quicken.

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