Personal Online Banking - the gateway to your financial portfolio. Security National Bank wants you to take ownership in your banking experience. Available 24 hours a day seven days a week, our online banking option offers clients total access to their accounts. Whether at home, in the office or on the road, your finances are just a click away with

Account eAlerts*

Use our eAlert service to help manage your accounts. eAlerts provide you with notices regarding specific account activity and can be sent directly to your personal email or by text to your mobile phone. You control which alerts you want to use and how you want them delivered. Click here for more information.

*Online banking required. Available eAlerts are subject to change without notice.


Help support our efforts to conserve natural resources by electing to receive your account statements electronically. If you choose to utilize our eStatement option, you will receive a monthly e-mail alerting you when your new statement is available online.

In addition to being eco-conscious, users of eStatements enjoy these benefits:

  • Reduce Risk: Lessen the risk of identity theft by eliminating the distribution of sensitive information through the mail.
  • Instant Access: Check your account statement as soon as it is available online.
  • Eliminate Paper: Lower the risk of misplacing important documents. Plus, less paper in your mailbox means less clutter in your house.

Online Bill Pay Plus Popmoney

Enjoy the ease and convenience of paying and receiving your bills online with Security National Bank’s bill pay service. Available 24-hours a day via your personal computer or mobile device, our Online Bill Pay service allows you to pay bills on a recurring basis or one at a time.

Our e-bills tool let’s you review  incoming bills from your online banking account and simply pay them at that time or set them up to pay automatically. Save time, paper waste and postage expense with these convenient services. Remember to elect e-Statements to receive your monthly statement electronically and receive Online Bill Pay for free.

Popmoney is a personal payment service that is fast, easy and a secure way to send money to family, friends or anyone you know! Popmoney eliminates the hassles of checks and cash. This easy to use product is convenient to:

  • Send money to a child in college
  • Send a gift to a family member or friend
  • Reimburse someone for funds owed such as a night out or concert tickets
  • Pay your babysitter or lawn care service

Find the Popmoney tab after logging in to online banking, under Bill Pay. Click here for more details and frequently asked questions regarding Popmoney, its uses and how to set it up.

Online Bill Pay Plus Popmoney: Message and data rates may apply.

Online Learning Center

Online Security

The security of financial information is a common concern with banking and commerce on the Internet. Our success as a financial institution depends on our ability to manage the security of our systems to continue to earn your trust as our customer. Please be assured that we will go to every measure possible to protect the financial information and resources you have entrusted to us. As a member of Verisign, Security National Bank of Omaha is provided with a Server ID, or digital certificate, which allows your browser to instantly verify Security National Bank of Omaha's site and to encrypt transactions.

Security National Bank uses several different methods to make Internet banking as secure as it is convenient. We require security information that is only known to you during the enrollment process.

For your protection, we validate your confidential account information, utilizing an individual Access ID, password and multifactor authentication process. You will select your Access ID, passwords, and challenge questions during the enrollment process.

For your protection, your online account will be disabled should you exceed the permitted number of Access attempts.

Your password will be authenticated during the Access process. You can help safeguard your account information by protecting your password and Access ID. Do not share your password or Access ID with anyone. You may change your password as often as you would like. However, for security purposes we recommend that you change your password at least every 90 days. Do not use birthdays, phone numbers or names that might be easy for others to determine. To help deter fraud, we utilize hardened password criteria which will be explained to you when you change your password.

For additional security, your online banking session will be terminated should there be an extended time of inactivity. This helps prevent anyone from using your computer should you step away from your desk or office. Once logged off, you may simply re-authenticate yourself by entering your password and Access ID at the Access page.

Security National Bank will never ask or need to know your password.  You should never furnish it to anyone claiming to represent Security National Bank. If you receive a call or email requesting this information, do not comply and contact us immediately.

Security National Bank has an approved list of browsers based on their accommodations of specific security requirements. Netscape Communications developed a Secured Socket Layer (SSL) to ensure private and authenticated communications. Your online banking session will utilize the SSL to secure your transaction from the browser and web server. Once a secured session is established, the data cannot be monitored by other users on the Internet.

Your password, as well as all information relating to your account(s) and your enrollment, is scrambled using some of the strongest forms of encryption commercially available for use over the World Wide Web. Encryption is the actual turning of words and numbers in a coded language that can only be read by you and the bank.

Our computer system does not connect directly to the Internet. It is isolated from the Internet network via routers, filters and a "firewall." A firewall is a device that controls the access that computers on the Internet have to the bank's computers. This firewall adheres to the standards set forth by the National Computer Security Association (NCSA). Use of this firewall allows only valid http traffic to reach the web server.

Our provider is constantly reviewing the latest software and hardware technology to provide the best defense possible against intrusion.

Forget Your Password?

In the event you have forgotten your password, please enter your access ID in the login area and select ‘GO.’ From the password screen, click the ‘Forgot Your Password’ link. Re-enter your access ID and submit. At this time, your password will be emailed to the email address you currently have on file on us. After retrieving the password from your email, return to our homepage and re-enter your access ID and password. You will then be prompted to change your password before you can access your account.

If you do not have a current email address on file or if you have forgotten your access ID, please call our Help Desk at (402) 661-3166, Monday – Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm and a customer service representative will assist you.